Water Polo Betting

Although water polo is a fairly developed sport in Russia and neighbouring countries, it is still not as popular as football or hockey. Nevertheless, water polo has its own audience of fans. Major events such as the World Championships or the Olympics attract the most interest. Bookmakers offer a wide range of lines on the sport, so bettors have plenty to choose from when betting on water polo. Many betting enthusiasts prefer water polo because of the lack of coverage of the sport, which reduces the bettor’s advantage and gives experienced bettors a chance to win.


Types of water polo betting

As with other sports, in water polo the main and most popular bet is on the outcome of the encounter. In many competitions, teams of completely different classes meet. Therefore, the outcome of matches can often be predicted. However bookmakers, of course, on the victory of favourites give minimum odds, or exclude from the list such a bet at all. Often they put double-digit odds on the underdog or a draw.

If predicting a water polo match between two similarly matched teams is difficult, it is easier to bet on a double outcome. It is possible to bet that the selected team will not lose, i.e. a draw is allowed, which is not uncommon for water polo, or a win.

As mentioned above, in water polo there can be clear underdogs and favourites. Betting on the favourites, if accepted by the bookmaker, does not win much. That is why many bettors prefer to bet on negative handicaps, which means you need to guess on how many points the leader will beat the underdog. It is also possible to bet on total – the total number of points scored in a match, or on individual total – the points scored by only one team.


How to make water polo predictions with Roketbet

To get good water polo predictions today you need to analyze the upcoming matches carefully. For this sport it is not uncommon for the leading team to win 20-30 matches in a row, which makes it very difficult to correctly analyze the team’s preparation.

It is important to assess the teams’ ability to move quickly from defence to attack. The better this skill is developed, the better the chance of winning the team. The goalkeeper’s skills are another important factor to consider when analysing your teams. His skills affect the amount of goals conceded, as there are a lot of shots on goal per game. The key players on defense and defense also have a big influence on the efficiency of the game, so their form should also be evaluated.

Some water polo teams have players that perform the function of ‘taiga’ in hockey – to shut down the opponents’ key players. If such a team plays against a team whose style of play focuses on this forward, knocking out a key player will significantly reduce their chances of winning.

Betting on friendly matches is not recommended at all. It is not uncommon for coaches to field a new squad for such games, or to test experimental tactics. Therefore the result is completely unpredictable.

Betting features at Roketbet

In some matches the bookmakers themselves don’t know which team is the favourite and which one is the underdog. Therefore the odds may be identical for both teams to win. The closer the date of the meeting, the more the odds change due to the sagging of one of the shoulders due to the influx of big bets on it. This is why water polo attracts experienced bettors.

When making your water polo predictions, you should consider where the team is playing – away or at home. The fact is that in this sport, the home stadium factor plays a paramount role. This can even be seen in the bookmakers’ betting odds – the odds of winning sharply decrease if the team plays at home.

Unexpected results in water polo are very rare – clear favourites almost always win. But this fact is also taken into account in the bookmakers’ lines – the odds on the leaders are very small on the Roketbet website. Odds on the underdog, on the other hand, of 25 or more are not uncommon even in the World League.

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