Snooker betting

Snooker is considered to be one of the most complex forms of billiards. Originating and enjoying great popularity in England, the sport now attracts a huge number of players and fans from all over the world.

Major competitions are held regularly, including world snooker championships. Therefore, this sport is also present in the lines of bookmakers, and some bettors prefer to bet on snooker than on the more popular football, hockey or basketball.


Snooker betting features and a short rule book

Snooker gets its name from one of the game’s main components. Snooker is the position of the bit from which it cannot be struck in a straight line into an authorised ball without breaking the rules. Therefore, in order to avoid infringements the player has to hit from the boards, curl the bat or use other technical tricks.

The aim of the game is to win the match by winning more individual frames. Depending on the characteristics of the tournament, you need to score between 4 and 18 frames to win the match. In order for the game to end, one of the players needs to be the first to score 147 points.

In snooker, in addition to the standard pyramid of 15 red balls, there are 6 more coloured balls. The player must take turns scoring the red and coloured balls. The red spheres do not return to the table once they reach the pocket, and the coloured spheres do not return to their previous position.

Different coloured balls score different numbers of points: the minimum score for a red ball is 1, and the maximum score for a black ball is 7. The right to score passes to another player after a miss, or after breaking the rules (if penalties are used).


Live Snooker betting options

Like any other sport, in snooker betting you can bet on the outcome of a match. Due to the fact that there can be no draw in snooker, bookmakers only accept bets on one or the other player to win. There is also no extra time in snooker. Besides, it is possible to bet on the outcome not only in a match, but in the whole tournament – try to guess the winner of the competition.

Online snooker betting on frame totals is popular with bettors. The total depends on how equal in strength the players are, and how hard the battle will be. For example, in a best-of-13 match you have to win 7 frames in order to win. That’s why the minimum total in such matches will be 7 (7-0), and the maximum 13 (7-6).

In addition to the total over/under, it is possible to bet on the exact score of frames. However, such an outcome is extremely difficult to guess, so the odds are quite high.

Bookmakers offer to bet on the winner of a particular frame. It is worth noting that this type of snooker betting is also available in pre-match, if you bet on the first game. In it, the luck factor is the most important, because the participants have not yet played their game and can make hurtful mistakes. In live you can bet on any other frame as well, evaluating the strength ratio of your opponents.


Tournament Analysis of snooker betting with Roketbet

When snooker betting, you should take into consideration the luck factor, especially in matches lasting the minimum number of frames. Therefore, upsets are not uncommon in the sport, with the clear favorite losing to an unknown player. Nevertheless, experienced bettors know which snooker players show the most stable results, and prefer to bet on them, thus insuring themselves against surprises.

There are many factors to consider when assessing a player’s potential. His current ranking is important – what place he occupies in the list of top players. It is necessary to find out the results of recent matches – perhaps the player has improved a lot recently, and then the overall rating becomes less important. The age of the snooker player is also important, as players older than 40 years old rarely survive long competitions without a deterioration in the quality of play.

Naturally, in snooker, as well as in other sports, a player’s motivation has to be taken into consideration. Before you start snooker betting with Roketbet, be sure to check each other’s friendlies, as the result may not be telling the whole story – it could just be that the winner got really lucky.

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