Rugby Betting

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Rugby is considered one of the most dangerous and violent contact sports, which is why it attracts many fans. Rugby is also interesting for bookmakers, as there are quite a few people willing to bet on major championships.

There are several variations of this game, the most popular being Rugby 15 and Rugby 7. Rugby 15 has Olympic Games rules, but all the same players who played Rugby 7 can play.


Rules and Features of Rugby

To place a bet on Rugby you need to have a good understanding of the sport’s rules. They are the same for Rugby 15 and Rugby 7. The figure at the end of the name indicates how many players are involved in the match for each side. Obviously, in Rugby 15 the emphasis is on physical wrestling as there is not much room left for tactical action.

Therefore for successful betting on Rugby 15, it is necessary to assess the fitness of athletes. In Rugby 7, on the other hand, tactics and chemistry, passing and kicking ability are important.

A Rugby match usually lasts 80 minutes and is divided into two halves of 40 minutes each. If there is no winner (or a draw) in regulation time, there are two overtime periods of 10 minutes each.

To win, more points are needed than the opposing team. Points are awarded for different actions:

5 points for a try when a player passes the ball into the green area and touches the ground with the ball.
5 points for a penalty try. Points are awarded if a try is disallowed because of an infringement by the opposing team.
3 points for a penalty kick taken from the place where the offence was scored.
3 points for a drop goal – the ball may be thrown to the ground during play and kicked at goal from there. A drop goal is not allowed.
2 points for realization – it is allowed to kick the ball at goal after a successful try.
Types of rugby betting

Most Rugby bets do not differ from other team sports. For example, you can bet on who wins a match. Draws in rugby are a very rare occurrence and therefore this result may not even be on the bookmaker’s line.

Betting on a handicap win is very popular. Often there are different teams in a rugby match, so betting on a clean win for the favourites will not bring enough win for the bettor. He can bet with a negative handicap on the favourite, or with a positive handicap on the underdog, thereby increasing the odds.

Bookmakers also accept bets on the total points total for the whole match. In addition, you can bet on the total in the first or second half and on the individual total of one team in the whole game, or in half.

Betting on tries is exclusive to rugby. Longer term bets can be placed on making the play-offs, being in the bottom three and winning the league title. Bets on halftime/match wins, odd/even goals and more are accepted.


Analysis of Rugby Matches and Teams

For Rugby betting to be profitable, you have to analyse the matches and teams carefully. It is important to assess how well the players in the same team play. It is one thing if the whole squad plays for the same club, it is quite another if the team is made up of players from different clubs and they only get together a few times a year.

You should also find out if your key players have had any tough encounters recently. Due to the tight schedule, players do not always have time to recover.

The statistics of the previous encounters will be of great help in the analysis of the upcoming match. There are some uncomfortable teams, so even the season leader can lose to an uncomfortable last table foe.

Don’t forget to consider the weather conditions in which the meeting will be played, especially if you bet on totals and handicaps. If the weather conditions are unfavourable, the performance will drop drastically. The advantage goes to the team that puts the emphasis on power play, and not on tactical action.

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