Table Tennis Betting

Table tennis is far superior to its big brother, lawn tennis, in terms of dynamics and speed of play, although it is very much inferior in popularity. Nevertheless, for betting enthusiasts, this sport is quite interesting and can be quite lucrative.

Most bookmaker’s offices accept bets on table tennis in play and pre-match.


Table tennis betting strategy

Before making predictions and betting on table tennis, it is necessary to get acquainted with the peculiarities of the sport. On average a point takes around 4-7 seconds to score, and a set can end in as little as one minute. However, a clean game lasts for 17-25% of the time spent changing sides, returning a lost ball, arguing with referees and other manipulations.

Because of this, despite the high dynamics of the game, a single match can last for more than an hour, allowing for plenty of online table tennis betting.

Tennis tournaments may differ in regulations, in some competitions the match lasts 7 sets, in others it lasts 5 sets, accordingly you need to win 4 or 3 sets to win. When betting on table tennis, you need to know the format of the match.

At major competitions, such as the Olympics or World Championships, a match lasts up to 4 sets won. In doubles events and smaller tournaments, on the other hand, the game is played to 3 set wins.

When placing online bets on table tennis, it should be taken into consideration that in this sport it does not matter which side serves. This factor does not affect the outcome of the draw, unlike in tennis, where the serving tennis player has an advantage. Therefore, when making bets, there is no need to take serving into account. In this sport, players serve two serves at a time.


Table tennis betting online at the bookmaker’s office

Table tennis bookmakers offer a wide variety of bets on table tennis, including standard bets that are in the line of other sports, and unique bets that are unique to ping pong. Thus, you can bet on sports table tennis for a win, the total points total, for a victory with handicaps, as in the whole game, and in a separate set.

Individual bets are also accepted, on just one of the players.  It is also possible to make a long term bet on which of the competitors will take first place or will be in the top three. The table tennis betting strategy differs for each type of bet.

In the line of some bookmakers for major championships you can find offers like the outcome of the first game/all match. By betting on this event with a favourite, you can win substantially more than just betting on a win. And statistics show that favourites usually take the first game and win the whole encounter. It is also possible to bet on table tennis on what the exact score will be after two games. Only three options are available here: 2-0, 0-2 or 1-1.


Table tennis betting tips with Roketbet

The biggest winnings, according to experienced bettors, can come from bets made in play. The thing is that due to the high dynamics of the game the score in a set can change very quickly along with the bookmakers’ odds. It is not uncommon for a 5-7 point gap to be close within half a minute, and for the underdog to take the lead.

At the moment of maximum gap the odds increase very high, at this time you should bet on the favourite. Naturally, it should be carefully analysed beforehand and the performance of both players investigated.

When choosing a live betting strategy for table tennis, keep in mind that in this sport sensations rarely occur. Rarely will an underdog be able to turn the tide and beat the favourite. Of course, minimal odds are given on the leader in this case, so the best table tennis bets will be either totals or handicaps.

Many experienced Roketbet bettors prefer to bet on total totals. The table tennis betting strategy in this case involves analyzing the previous meetings of the opponents and finding out how productive they are. Each player should also be analysed, as injuries or lack of motivation may have a negative influence on performance.

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