Futsal Betting

Futsal is the same as football, only not in a stadium but in a sports hall. The game is played between two teams of 5 players each. Futsal matches are highly dynamic and productive.

Unlike futsal, in futsal bounces and rougher actions are allowed, which makes the sport more spectacular. However, these two concepts have much in common, so for the purposes of this article we will use them equally.

Types of futsal betting

Futsal betting lines at the bookmakers’ offices are almost as wide as football. Especially many variants of futsal bets are offered on the eve of major championships. The traditional and most popular bet is on the outcome. You can bet on one or the other team to win, or on a draw.

A draw during a play-off match is only possible in regulation time, followed by overtime and a penalty shoot-out.

If teams of different classes meet, futsal bets on the favourites will not be profitable due to the small odds. In this case it is better to bet with a handicap, conditionally adding one or more points to the underdog. A negative handicap on the favourite and a positive handicap on the underdog are possible.

When making predictions on futsal, you should keep in mind that the sport is much more productive than football. Therefore, futsal total bets are very popular. For an entire match, bookmakers usually offer to guess whether there will be more or less than 6 or 7 goals scored. For a successful betting it is necessary to analyse both teams and evaluate their power balance.

When equal teams meet and play from attack, you should expect a high number of goals, and the higher total usually comes through. It is also possible to bet on the total in one half for both teams, or individually for one team. Even/odd total bets are accepted, as well as bets on the exact score at half-time and in the whole match. Long-term bets are also possible – on the winner of the tournament.

How to place winning futsal bets on Roketbet

While betting on futsal, you can resort to various financial strategies that will reduce your losses over the long haul and come out in the black. However, to do so you need to make a complete and thorough analysis of the matches.

In indoor football, it’s important to evaluate the form of each player, because unlike in professional football, the individual player’s importance is much greater.

It is important to analyse the form of the goalkeeper who plays a vital role in the team. There are several times more shots on goal in futsal compared to football.

It should be clarified if the starting goalkeeper is still playing or if he is saving him for more important matches by putting on a substitute.

More than one championship may be played at the same time, which is why motivation is a high priority in the teams’ analyses. A team, that will be playing in a prestigious tournament in a few days, may not be expected to give 100% in a local competition. Therefore the schedule of all previous and upcoming matches should be known.

Opposing styles can be crucial in deciding the winner. Teams that have players that shoot well from long range positions will be effective against teams with good defence, for example.

You should check the teams previous match statistics on Roketbet and, if available, the head-to-head encounters to find out the weaknesses and strengths of the teams. Bets should not be placed on teams that are poorly known and not readily available on the internet, especially as the margins are usually very high.

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