Darts Betting

Darts is certainly not comparable in popularity to the sport of games, but darts competitions also have a good audience of fans.

Today, darts championships are held not only in England and the US, but also in Europe and Asia, including Russia. Along with the development of the sport, darts betting has also become popular. This type of betting has its own characteristics, which will be discussed in this article.


Rules of darts betting

The sport originated in Britain a few centuries ago. Originally it was an entertainment game, which could be played in the pubs.

However, over time, the sport has grown into a full-fledged competition and has even reached the world level.

Since the advent of darts, the rules for this game have hardly changed.
A darts match takes place between two competitors. Each of the players in turn comes to the target at a distance of 2.37 meters and makes two dart throws.

The task of the game is for the first one to shoot the required number of points – it may be 301 or 501 points depending on the rules. The target is divided into sectors and each sector is awarded the appropriate number of points.
There are a total of 20 sectors divided into three zones and there are double and triple multiplier rings.

It should be noted that to gain the greatest number of points for an approach, a participant needs to hit not the very centre, but sector 20 multiplying points by three. Thus, it is possible to finish the game as quickly as possible with 501 points in just three approaches – 9 hits in sector 20 with triple multiplication.

By scoring 501 points, but no more or less, the player is awarded the victory in the lag. To win the whole match you need to win 3 sets, each consisting of 3-5 legs.


Types of darts betting at Roketbet

The simplest darts prediction is for one or the other player to win the whole match. It is worth noting that the sport almost always has underdogs and favourites and this is reflected in the odds at the bookmakers. Therefore, darts betting on the favorites is not very profitable – the bookmaker offers minimal odds. Notably, in darts, although it happens very rarely, a draw does happen.

It is possible to bet on darts on the exact number of sets. In this sport, there aren’t many variations on the outcome of a match in sets, given that the game continues until a 3 set win.

Therefore it is quite realistic to guess the exact score, and the odds on such bets are quite high. In addition, it is also possible to bet on the total in sets – there can be a maximum of 5. That’s why bets on TB or TM 3.5 and 4.5 are accepted.

A unique bet for darts is the checkout. This term refers to a game ending in one set. The bettor should try to guess if the athlete can knock out the correct number of points in three shots with the dart. Also in the line of some bookmakers there is a bet on which of the opponents will make the greatest checkout, ie who with his last approach can get the maximum number of points.


Analyzing the game before live darts betting

By correctly analysing darts matches, you can gain a slight edge over the bookies and place a good bet. Before placing a bet, familiarise yourself with the format and rules of the competition.

Depending on the championship, the rules may differ a lot – it would be a shame to make a wrong bet just because you don’t know the rules. Tournaments differ in the number of legs, the number of points, the way the points are reset in the extreme approach.

Darts is easy to analyse, due to the fact that the matches are one-on-one, i.e. only two athletes need to gather information. This requires information on physical readiness, mental conditioning and motivation.

The ability of an athlete to concentrate is very important as it affects how well he/she shoots on target.
To make a successful darts prediction, one needs to analyze the performance statistics of both competitors.

It is possible that someone prefers a risky style, trying to make a 170-point checkout. If you do a detailed analysis of the match, it will take you hours. But the more you know about the match and the athletes, the better your chances of winning at Roketbet bookmaker.

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