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Starcraft 2 Betting: Live

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Starcraft 2 Betting: All matches

StarCraft 2 is a famous strategy game that first appeared in 1998, and since then it has consistently been one of the leaders among all online games. Well-thought-out gameplay, the balance of all races, great dynamics and spectacular battles make StarCraft a favorite strategy for hundreds of thousands of gamers. Today many championships are held in this eSports discipline, including world championships. Bookmakers also include such competitions in their lineup, allowing bettors to bet on StarCraft 2.

Game Features

Before making a prediction on SC, it is necessary to thoroughly study the rules of this game and the rules of the championship. The game involves two opponents, each of whom chooses one of the three available races. Races have unique features and skills, the correct use of which gives an advantage to the player.

During the game, participants must mine minerals for these resources to build buildings, produce units, as well as develop and improve their base. The ultimate goal of the game is to destroy the enemy and his base and prevent the destruction of their own buildings.

Excellent balance of power in StarCraft 2 makes this strategy one of the most difficult in terms of technique. In it the result depends more on the skills than on the luck. That’s why when you are betting on StarCraft 2 you need to understand that the best gamers are unlikely to yield to the weakest players. In this regard, the favorites in this cyber sports discipline very often win, especially if their advantage over their opponent is too big.

Types of bets on StarCraft 2

Before you make predictions and bets on StarCraft 2, it is necessary to study what types of bets offered by bookmaker offices. There are standard types of bets, typical for any sport, and there are special bets that are found only in StarCraft 2. So let’s have a look at the most popular types of bets:

  • Match outcome – you need to determine the winner of a particular game.
  • The winner of the tournament. Also some bookmakers allow you to bet on the tournament medalist – who will be in the top three players (teams).
  • Time when the match will end. It is necessary to determine the time interval, when the match should end with the victory of one of the participants.
  • Who captures the opponent’s base first.
  • Who will be the first to attack the opponent.
  • Betting on a victory with a handicap.

Depending on the rules of the particular championship, bets may differ from the standard. Also in the line of bookmakers there are usually a lot of options for betting in live mode. Such ways of betting are most interesting to bettors, because many of them are able to predict the development of the situation in a short distance, depending on the current situation.

Match Analysis

To make a correct prediction on StarCraft 2, it is necessary to competently analyze the upcoming game. Information on the Internet and in the media is not enough. Therefore, it is necessary to use all available ways to obtain important data.

For example, on the WCS Standings website you can find the rating of players with their points. Based on this rating, you can understand the level of play of a particular gamer. There are also biographies of the most famous players, their style of play, and features.

Also you can make forecasts, basing on the information, received from the commentators. They are well versed in eSports, because for a long time cover such events. Also, commentators can give predictions on Starcraft 3 and, it should be noted, often turn out to be right.

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