Cricket Betting

The team game of ball and bat or cricket is popular in Britain, Australia and Asian countries. The sport has English roots and dates back to the eighteenth century. The first club was organised in Hambledon. The world cricket championship was held in 1912. The game is not well known in Russia, but the rules are reminiscent of Old Slavic handball. In the betting industry, the sport is a success – bookmakers don’t forget to bet on the teams.

The features of cricket

Cricket involves two teams, each with eleven players. The battle is fought on an oval grass field with a rectangular area or pitch in the centre. The player who pitches the ball becomes the bowler and the defender becomes the batsman. Each of the participants can make six throws, changing positions on the pitch.

The main objective of the players is to protect their wicket and prevent their opponents from scoring to win. The flow of the match is monitored by two umpires. The equipment used is pole bars, bats and balls made of cork and covered with leather. The playing equipment is similar to that used in baseball.


Betting on cricket with Roketbet

Successful bettors often choose to bet on cricket, analyzing the outcomes of previous matches, developing their own strategies and using the services of experienced forecasters. Proven bookmakers are selected. Among the cricket betting, the following stand out:

on the outcome with odds of three variations;
double odds – the possibility of adding up two outcomes;
On the handicap, that is, with what advantage one team will win over the other;
Player and match statistics;
total – number of runs per match;
on the first innings – for long text matches;
toss – one of the most primitive predictions (which team will be the odds-on favourite in the first match).


In order to choose the right betting odds, it is necessary to get up-to-date topical information every day. This is provided by a special online service called Roketbet. On this website one can study the data of the upcoming sporting events. Every day, experienced analysts scan the information and put it in the public domain. Tips and advice from professional bettors are published, which are very helpful for newcomers to bet with bookmakers.

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