Beach Volleyball Betting

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Beach volleyball is not only a recreational sport, but also a professional sport, which is played in competitions just like any other. However, unlike regular volleyball, beach volleyball has fewer players and the chance of injury is extremely low. The rules are simpler, which makes the game more accessible to learn and process.

What is the attraction of beach volleyball?

The idea is to throw the ball over the net to ‘score a goal’ by hitting the ball into your opponent’s territory. The players are randomly allocated to the pitch. During the game the players may use all parts of their body. Substitutions are not possible, so if a player is sent off for one reason or another, his team will continue playing with an incomplete squad. Also cards borrowed from football mean:

  • yellow – warning;
  • red – one point is deducted from the offender’s score.

The sport is a professional one and is included in various championship lists, e.g:

In 2020, there will be various competitions, including Beach Volleyball. So all gambling and betting enthusiasts are already preparing for the new risk. They are looking for good and trusted sites, betting shops like Roketbet. However, not everyone knows about the peculiarities of beach volleyball betting.


Types of beach volleyball betting

The odds vary from one office to another as each one has its own favourites. This is due to the poor knowledge of the sport. It is advisable to bet on the course of the match, as the odds tend to change during the game in real time. Before placing a bet on a particular team, you should analyze the players – their style of play, recent injuries and so on.

It is advisable to open matches, where one opponent is the clear favorite, their victory will be evaluated by odds 1.2-1.3. You should bet on your opponent to win at odds higher than two, as opponents are usually underestimated at first, due to which meetings do not start well. Winning odds will go up, so you should wait until they are above 2 and then place your bet. This promotes earnings in any case, regardless of the outcome of the contest.

From these tips, it should be concluded that gathering information and analysing the game are the most important steps to take when betting. The Roketbet website is very handy for such activities, as it has all the necessary information to save potential customers’ time.

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