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Betting on beach football: interesting features of the sport

Beach football is gradually becoming more and more popular in betting. This is due to both its peculiarities and its spectacle.

The rules of the game were taken from classic football, but later they were adjusted. Sand football is a very difficult game, as it is not easy for a player to move even without the ball, so the players’ stamina is the main indicator here. It is this factor that bettors rely on when predicting the outcome of a particular match.

There are two types of beach football, club and national team, and they differ from each other, which is why it is important for bettors to get to know the squad. At national team level rotation is quite rare, as the well-known players play for their country for quite some time, so the division into top teams and underdogs is clear, and the midfielders also stand out. It is possible to trace the dynamics of the results, which helps betting.


As for the nature of the bets, there are several varieties

On the main outcome. Beach football is always played to win, but bookmakers can also accept bets on a draw. The rules of the game are such that a winner is bound to be determined, and if this does not happen, another one is appointed. If no goal is scored anyway, a penalty shootout decides the outcome. Such a bet requires caution, as some bookmakers take into account draws in three periods, others take them into account the extra period, and others don’t take them into account at all Before betting on the main outcome, you need to be clear about everything.
Handicap. This bet is offered in all bookmakers’ offices, as teams belonging to different classes are not uncommon in beach football.

There are also other types of bets, but these are the main ones. You should get your money from a good bookmaker, such as Roketbet. This betting company has all the necessary licenses to operate, it offers its players several convenient ways to deposit and withdraw, and, most importantly, quality predictions on beach football matches. Finding such information is actually not very easy, so professional bettors and beginners will surely appreciate such care.

Of course, betting on sports is always a risk, otherwise it wouldn’t be as much fun. However, the bookmaker Roketbet makes this risk as low as possible.

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