Badminton Betting

Of course, in terms of popularity badminton is strongly inferior to football, hockey, basketball, tennis. But since its inclusion in the Olympic programme in 1992, badminton’s popularity has been growing gradually, both in Russia and all over the world. Not surprisingly, bookmakers started to accept bets on the sport’s biggest events. Knowing some of the peculiarities of the game and ways to analyse matches, it is possible to make accurate badminton predictions.

Brief Badminton’s rules

Badminton has similar rules to volleyball. The game is played to two game wins, and so the final score can be either 2-0, or 2-1 to the winner. The first player to win a game needs to score 21 points. If the opponents gain 20 points at the same time, play shall continue until one of the competitors wins by 2 points. In badminton, the player who won the previous game shall serve.

Badminton is played in singles and doubles competitions. The winning point shall be awarded if the shuttlecock is lowered into the opponent’s field. If the shuttlecock leaves the marked boundaries of the field, the receiving side shall earn the point. The winning point shall also be awarded to the player or pair who received but the opponent hit the shuttlecock into the net.

While badminton may not appear to be as fast-paced as competitive tennis, a number of records have been set in the game. For example, the maximum speed of a shuttlecock was 493km/h. The longest draw lasted two minutes, during which time the players struck 108 shots with their rackets.

Types of badminton bets with Roketbet

In order to choose the right badminton betting strategy, you need to know what sports betting is allowed at the bookmaker’s office. As always, the most popular bet is the outcome. You can bet on one player (pair) or the other to win. There can be no draw result here. Also in Live mode, bets are accepted on the victory in a particular draw.

In badminton you can bet with handicaps, if the opponents are unequal in strength. You can bet on handicaps either on the whole match or on a single game. Although total games are available, there is not a big enough choice of variants. This is due to the fact that the match can only end with two scores. That is why total or individual point totals in a single game are more often bet on.

The same goes for the exact score of the match – the bettor only has to choose between 4 options: 2-0, 2-1, 0-1, 0-2. Naturally, one should not hope for such high odds as in football or hockey, where the final score can be completely different. Also some bookmakers offer to guess the winner of the first game and the match. At the Olympics and World Championships, the BKs offer a much wider selection of bets.


Badminton betting predictions

In order to make a good badminton betting predictions, you need to do a thorough analysis of the event. Like tennis, badminton players have their favourites and dislikes and play at different quality events. Therefore, you need to look at statistics for specific championships, not in general. When making badminton predictions for today, one should take into account the athlete’s motivation – how important it is for him to win the match.

Tournaments with larger prize pools attract athletes and motivate them to play better. This correlation can be illustrated by the example of one of the most decorated badminton players, Lee Chong Wei. He has won 12 out of 15 Malaysia Open tournaments. However, he has only won the Indonesian Super League title four times in the same period. In the championship before last, for instance, he left the event in the 2nd round after losing to an opponent with odds of 1.06 on him.

Many Roketbet bettors prefer to bet in play. One effective strategy for betting on badminton in play is on the opposite side, when the result deviates as much as possible from the bookmakers’ pre-match estimates. It is necessary to bet on the favourite at the moment when the outsider wins. Of course, this does not guarantee a win, so if you lose, you should use the same strategy in the next game, but by increasing your bet.

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