American Football Betting

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American football is underdeveloped in Russia and the CIS, and there is little interest among sports fans. However, in the US, it is a major sporting event that attracts an average of 65-70 thousand spectators. For example, the same Bundesliga matches attract about 45,000 people. Not surprisingly, bookmakers include this team sport in their lines, and bettors actively american football betting.


Types of bets on American football

The American football betting line features all the same events as in other sports – football, hockey and basketball. So, the simplest and most popular bet is on the main outcome. It is a guess at the winner of the game in regulation time. American football betting rarely sees a draw, and if it does happen, it goes into overtime. Be careful when making your predictions on American football and betting money – some bookmakers take overtime into account when calculating bets, others do not take it into account.

It is also possible to bet on one of the teams to win the quarter. These sports bets are best made in Live mode. You can tell which team is in top form at the start of the game and make a more accurate prediction. Betting shops also accept bets on the total – how many points both teams will score in the whole game. It is also possible to bet on the total in a certain time interval – one half, first or second half. In addition, you can bet on the individual total – the number of points scored by one team.

Backgammon are also available for american football betting. Be careful – with such bets extra time is taken into account. In this sport you can bet on a lot of other events, such as who will win the halftime match, whether a field goal will be scored, which team will make the play-offs and which team will be crowned champion, and lots more. A very lucrative, but extremely unlikely bet is on which team will have a perfect season, i.e. not lose to any opponent. For this event, the bookmakers offer odds for some teams of over 500. It is worth mentioning that only 4 teams have managed to go through the season without a loss in the history of the game.


American football live betting

Whether you use any American football betting strategy or bet occasionally and selectively, you should always evaluate the upcoming event so that your bet with a high probability of winning. There are plenty of factors to consider when analysing: weather conditions, player injuries, fitness and mental attitude, motivation, home or away field, etc.

Many experienced bettors recommend to look for bargains at the very moment the betting line appears in the bookmaker’s office. At that time, bets with high odds may be available. A large number of bets from fans may cause the line to overload, with the result that the odds will not reflect the true strength of the teams. This can also be used to your advantage if you know that the team with the higher odds has a good chance of winning.

When making American Football Predictions with Roketbet it is a good idea to keep an eye on the home field factor. Although there are some teams that are almost irrespective of whether they play away or at home. By checking the statistics of previous games, it is easy to see which clubs benefit the most from the home field.

American football betting analysis with Roketbet

When analyzing American football teams, you should pay special attention to the quarterback’s preparation – he is the main player on the field. If you have one of the best quarterbacks in the lineup and the offense is composed of strong players, the odds are high that the favorite will win the job. Even teams with an excellent defence rarely succeed against talented quarterbacks who can find gaps in their defence.

In American football (NFL league) games are not as intense as in the NBA, for example. Therefore, fatigue after a recent game is an insignificant factor, as all athletes have time to fully recover for the next meeting.

American football has many serious opponents and they will fight hard, no matter where they are in the standings.

Therefore, the factor of losing tournament motivation does not always apply here either. However, if a team is in a commanding lead, it may not need to give 100% in a match to give its players a chance to recover from injury and be in better shape for a more important match.

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